Our Services: Billboard Buys

In our modern-day world that is focused on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, it is easy to simply forget the importance of anything but online marketing. However, especially if you are a local or regional business, traditional means of advertising, such as outdoor advertising and billboard advertising, can be vital to building your brand, growing awareness of your products and services, and ultimately growing your business.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising In Missoula

In Missoula, a large portion of the population spends a significant amount of time out of the streets, whether they are driving a vehicle, riding a bike, or walking. Local businesses can be sure that their billboard messages are seen and absorbed by a large portion of the population, especially if they are designed correctly. Here are some other advantages of billboard advertising:

    • They are eye-catching. Their sheer size means that a lot of people will notice them and read them.
  • They are geo-specific. Unlike many forms of online advertising, you can be sure that everyone that sees your ad is physically in the area of your business.
  • They reach the offline population. As great as online advertising is, some people simply don’t spend time on the internet, especially in older demographics. Billboards reach that segment of the population.
  • They spread awareness of your brand. Billboards are an excellent way of simply reinforcing your brand’s messages, from familiarizing people with your logo to sharing your tagline.
  • They deliver a laser-focused message. If designed correctly, a billboard will have a specific, impactful message that will be delivered in just seconds.
  • They go hand-in-hand with your other marketing efforts. You can be sure that anyone that sees your billboard and is interested in learning more will find your great website, give you a call, or walk in your front door.

Even if a person drives by your billboard and doesn’t notice it, chances are that over the weeks or months that it is up, everyone will eventually take note.

How Brand Edge Marketing Can Help

At Brand Edge Marketing, we have years of experience when it comes to advertising and building brand awareness through billboards and outdoor advertising. Not only do we understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of billboard marketing, we also know all of the players in town well and have worked with them extensively.

In fact, Brand Edge buys billboard rotations annually and has access to the premier locations on streets like Reserve and Brooks as well as along Interstate 90. These locations are available for use by our clients–without having to go through the billboard companies directly and without having to buy full rotations.

In addition to helping with billboard buys, we can also guide you through designing your billboard for ultimate effect. We know what it takes to create a billboard that is eye-catching, simple, accurate, and effective. We also have graphic designers and copywriters available to help you create ads if needed.

Finally, we understand that a billboard campaign should not be your only marketing effort and that some businesses may not benefit from billboard ads. We can learn more about your business, your budget, and your goals and tell you truthfully if billboards would be a good investment for growing your business, along with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Learn More About Whether Billboards Could Improve Your Business

Do you want to explore the possibility of billboard advertising in and around Missoula? We can help you understand whether it may be beneficial to your marketing goals and guide you through the process of billboard acquisition and design. Contact us today at 406.258.0258 to get started.