Our Services: Marketing & Brand Strategy Consulting

Our extensive experience paired with our in-depth knowledge of the city and region make us the perfect choice for those seeking marketing and branding strategy consulting services. We are equally passionate about small and big jobs (and working with small and big businesses), from helping a business create a 30-second web video to helping a business totally launch a new product from the ground up.

Because we have years of both marketing and sales experience, we can clearly pinpoint the growth potential of the companies we work for. And because we are not employees, we have the vantage point and perspective to help you in a way that no one else can. Instead of seeing your business through your eyes, we see it thought the customer’s eyes–and the customer is the only one with the power to fire everyone!

We can help you and your business:

  • Create the right image.
  • Increase your authority.
  • Understand your customers.
  • Target the right customers.
  • Build a new brand.
  • Rebrand.
  • Strengthen your brand.
  • Correctly allocate your marketing budget.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Increase revenue and profits.

Working With New Ideas And Traditional Approaches

Marketing in today’s ever-changing landscape means having to adapt and learn quickly. But shifting over to all-new marketing trends and fancies is also a mistake. At Brand Edge Marketing, we see the power and potential of new marketing technologies and innovations as well as the tried and true nature of time-tested and evergreen marketing strategies. All of marketing plans reflect this truth: the most powerful marketing and branding strategies are comprehensive blends of traditional and new approaches that take advantage of the best of both worlds. This is where our consulting strategies and skills come into play.

Founder Kelly Bigelow consults to provide a synergistic approach of digital and traditional outbound marketing for each client, integrating it with strategies and systems on the inside of their business to help optimize customer satisfaction and experience, all while increasing profitability and the client’s bottom line.

Meet Our Team Today By Requesting A Consultation

Whether you need in-depth, long-term help with your marketing strategy, or whether you need a quick consultation about where your business’ marketing plan should be headed, we are here to help. Meet with Kelly Bigelow today to get comprehensive, thoughtful, and passionate insights into Missoula’s marketing world, from branding strategies and web design to media buys and television and web video production.
To schedule a meeting, ask a question, or learn more about our marketing and branding services, please contact us today: 406.258.0258