Our Services: Media Buying Strategy & Planning

Far too often when we are hired to help a new client, we discover that they have been marketing and advertising without a central plan in place and with no long-term strategy: not only are they not making the best media buys possible, but they are not making buys at the best prices.

At Brand Edge Marketing, our media buying strategy is informed by many years of experience, deep knowledge of the local market, and relationships with everyone involved in the process in Missoula. We are committed to helping local and regional businesses create comprehensive, smart, and strategic media buying plans individually tailored to their unique needs and budgets.

The Five Steps To Creating Your Media Buying Strategy

Here is a look into the process that we begin each time we buy media for a client, from start to finish:

  • Information collection. This first and vital step is too often skipped by businesses and marketing agencies alike. At Brand Edge, our first order of business is getting to know both your company and your customers, along with collecting detailed information about past marketing and advertising efforts, sales information, and budget informatio
  • Strategy conception. Only after we’ve gotten to know you and analyzed all pertinent data, it is time to form a strategy that takes advantage of everything we have discovered and that takes your goals, your customers, and your past efforts into mind. This 12- to 24-month strategy will be diverse and comprehensive.
  • Vendor contact and negotiation. At this time, we go to our vendors, all of whom we have worked with extensively over the years. Using our knowledge and familiarity, we get the best deals possible during negotiations.
  • Design and production. After the deals are in place, we work hard with both your team and design and production teams around town to create the media perfect for your customers.
  • Posting. Finally, we share our advertising with the world, whether it is a television ad, a radio ad, an online video, or a billboard. During this final step, we are sure to ask for proof of posting and correct any errors that may have occurred during the operations coordination process.

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Media buying and media buying strategy can be difficult for those who are not familiar with the process or the local market. At Brand Edge Marketing, we are here to take the burden of media buying off of your back and make certain that you are getting the best media spots at the best prices every time you buy. To learn more about our media buying services, to ask a question about your marketing strategy, or to schedule a meeting with Kelly Bigelow, please call us today: 406.258.0258.